Rotorcraft and VTOL
Symposium 2021

16 November 14:00 - 17:00 CET
17 November 09:00 - 17:30 CET


The EASA Rotorcraft and VTOL Symposium is a unique forum in Europe to discuss the latest developments for rotorcraft from a safety perspective. This Symposium is the opportunity when Authorities, Industry, Operators, Pilots, Safety Investigators, Researchers and all those vesting an interest in improving rotorcraft safety worldwide, can share and exchange ideas. It will take place within the frame of the European Rotors, on 16th and 17th November 2021, at the Trade Fair Centre in Cologne, Germany.

Our Resources area contains dedicated technical presentations, offering in-depth explanations on a wide variety of topics.




Highlights of the EASA Symposium

David Solar, Head of General Aviation and VTOL departement, EASA

Technical presentations

iConspicuity and U-space airspace

Vladimir Foltin, PCM/ATM Expert, EASA

The two innovative concepts that can help to make European skies safer for Rotorcraft and General aviation.

Evolution of System Safety requirements and AMCs for Rotorcraft (RMT.0712)

Clément Audard, Senior Expert - Safety Assessment, EASA

Update on the rulemaking task RMT.0712 to improve and modernise the requirements and AMCs for the CS29.1309 & CS27.1309. Introduction of proportionality in the definition of system safety objectives for small rotorcraft.

International Cooperation: What’s in it for you?

Bas van der Weide, Sec. Manager - International Cooperation - EU Neighbourhood & As, EASA

Promoting global aviation safety and a level playing field for the industry: The EU Aviation Partnership Projects (APP).

VTOL trajectories and vertiports

Lionel Tauszig, Senior PCM - Continuing Airworthiness VTOL, EASA

VTOL trajectories, their influence on vertiports and the resulting impact on Urban Air Mobility.

Helicopter Ditching: Rulemaking and Research

Emily Lewis, Structures & Cabin Safety Expert, EASA

An overview of the current rulemaking and research activities related to helicopter ditching and water impact.

Helicopter Hoists NPA

Aiko Duehne, Structures & Cabin Safety Expert, EASA

An overview of the future requirements for rotorcraft hoists introduced by the ETSO.

EASA AI Roadmap update

Guillaume Soudain, Senior Expert Software, EASA
Ines Berlenga, International Cooperation Officer, EASA
Xavier Henriquel, Safety Assessment Expert, EASA
François Triboulet, ATM/ANS Expert-Coordinator, EASA

EASA Artificial Intelligence roadmap: delivering guidance for safety-related AI, as an enabler for urban air mobility and other aviation domains applications.

Path to Design Verification

Antonio Marchetto, UAS Technologies Expert - Regulations Officer Initial Airworthiness, EASA
Volker Arnsmeier, Section Manager - eVTOL & Light UAS, EASA

Presentation of the essential steps, preparation of data and interaction with EASA for a successful project.

FSTD capability signature

Daan Dousi, Aircrew & Medical Standards & Implementation Section Manager, EASA

A paradigm shift in the use of flight simulation training devices in training following a "task to tool" approach.

Safety recommendations (SRs) overview

Gabriele Torelli, Project Certification Manager - VTOL, EASA

An overview of EASA Safety Recommendations (SRs) with general statistics and focus on progress for VTOL-related SRs.

Pilot training

Eric Bennett, Senior Expert - Air Operations, EASA

Presentation of the main changes in helicopter pilot training and checking requirements applicable to operators.

UPDATE: The opinion received a positive vote on 27th October 2021.


16 November

  • Official opening of the EASA Rotorcraft and VTOL Symposium 2021

    Rachel Daeschler, Certification Director, EASA
  • Keynote – Operator perspective by the EHA Charmain

    Peter Möller, EHA
  • Rotorcraft Safety Roadmap update - Implementation success and challenges

    David Solar, Head of Department - General Aviation & VTOL, EASA
  • Focus on Aviation Safety & Quality – looking at the right places

    Matthias Klein, Airbus Helicopters
  • Leonardo Helicopter Division: the present, the impending challenges, and the outlooks for the future

    Emanuele Bufano, Leornardo Helicopter
  • Design and Manufacturing Safety Management System

    Randall William, Bell
  • Light helicopter: a view of safety improvements

    Bruno Guimbal

17 November

  • Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) for hybrid and electrical VTOL – a conceptual approach for future flight safety

    Christian Janke, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • Challenges for the development and validation of affordable 4 axis Autopilot on light helicopters

    Nicolas Couder and Olivier Lemoine, Thales
  • System Safety Objectives: One in a billion?

    John Vincent, CEO of the International Federation of Airworthiness (IFA)
  • CS27 helicopter Single Engine IFR certification: a Safety enhancement opportunity

    Nigel Talbot, Leonardo Helicopter
  • Zefhir, first helicopter ever with tested parachute

    Chiara Albertazzi and Mirco Cantelli, CURTI 
  • Flight investigation of the unanticipated yaw phenomenon

    David Ferullo, Airbus Helicopters
  • Hybridization for Rotorcraft and VTOL: combustion versus electric engines

    Luca Cossetti and Marc Gazzino, Airbus Helicopters
  • Current activities for improved rotorcraft drivetrain safety and related research of TU Vienna with special focus on improved lubricants for rotorcraft transmissions

    Prof. Gachot and Prof. Weigand, TU Vienna
  • Clearance obstacles enhancement performance new procedure in CAT A PC1 Take Off

    Bernardino Paggi, Leonardo Helicopter
  • Questions and answers session


  • Safe and precise RNP 0.1 AR procedures in difficult terrain. The latest results and lessons learnt from the ARIOS project (Advanced Rotorcraft IFR Operations in Switzerland)

    Heinz Leibundgut, REGA
  • Safety risk assessments for all operators. Lessons learnt

    Stefan Becker, REGA
  • Hoisting missions, a safety jump is possible

    David Figoureux, Reel
  • ESPN-R Session with Hoist Workshop

    Michel Masson and John Franklin, EASA
    Christian Mueller, EHA
    Bernd Osswald and Alexander Weissenboek, Airbus Helicopters
    Julien Eymard, Leonardo Helicopters
  • Closing of the EASA Rotorcraft and VTOL Symposium 2021

    Clément Audard, VTOL Safety Coordinator and Senior Safety Assessment Expert, EASA